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New series ‘Pose’ boasts the biggest cast ever of LGBTQ actors and characters

Pose actor Indya Moore @2x

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are renowned for shaking things up in television. With their hit series Glee, the producers created a new subgenre for the small screen: the comedy/drama/musical. The show also saw star cameos shifting to a whole new level, with everyone from Olivia Newton-John to Britney Spears, Helen Mirren to Gwyneth Paltrow clamouring to be a part of the mixed-up musical soap.

Oddly enough, Murphy and Falchuk chose to delve into darker territory for their next projects. With American Horror Story, the duo kicked off the now-popular anthology phenomenon, where each season is set in specific period, a familiar cast of actors constantly changing roles. Then came the American Crime Story franchise, focusing on real-life murder cases (egs: the trial of O. J. Simpson, the murder of Gianni Versace).

Now Murphy and Falchuk are on the cusp of making TV history again in creating a series that boasts the largest LGBTQ cast ever to have graced a screen, including a host of transgender actors, each scoring their share of the limelight in Pose.

Set in the 1986 New York, Pose will examine the flamboyant world of ball culture and will have a continuing cast and storylines – a departure from Murphy and Falchuk’s signature ‘stand-alone’ anthology format.

The first season Pose will feature 50-plus LGBTQ characters – a record in television history, and including transgender model Indiya Moore (pictured above).

The series will also star Murphy/Falchuk favourite Evan Peters, along with Kate Rooney Mara and James Van Der Beek.

Just this week, FX ordered a full first season of the series which will consist of eight episodes, and is set to air mid-2018.  Antonino Tati 

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