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Dirty c*^t comedian woos sell-out crowd

Alex Williamson So Wrong It's Wrong @2x

Alex Williamson is a dirty, dirty dude. Relentlessly foul-mouthed, politically incorrect, ocker in the extreme, and unabashedly lewd. And the crowd goes crazy for it.

Unafraid to go where no comic has gone (well, some might have on certain subjects, but not to the extreme of fusing so many taboos in one show), Williamson lets it rip on radical topics, waxing lyrical on everything your Gran warned you about: drinking, drug abuse, dirty old men, overt sexuality, swearing, you name it; the sins Nanna tut-tuttted about are all in here.

And there’s not one iota of shame evident on the larrikan’s face. In fact, he smirks when he admits honestly that he’s partial to the occasional visit to the glory hole; sniggers when he delivers a joke about a girl in the guys’ loos who squeals ‘Just pretend that I’m not in here’, responding with ‘And so I pissed between her legs while she was sitting on the toilet’.

Then, just when you begin to agree with the show’s title, that it’s “So wrong, it’s wrong”, the guy brings up the subject of paedophiles… actually alluding to the idea that he’d consider it a turn-on.

Again, no blushing, and only raucous applause from the audience, which consisted of a mixed bag: muscle studs covered in tatts, girls looking like young Kim Kardashians (which Williamson would likely have really liked), hipster dudes, metrosexual guys, and gays who get the irony.

And that’s why Alex Williamson is so popular right now. It’s ironic that in a pop cultural era post #TimesUp – when we’re all walking on eggshells with every word we say in conversation for fear of being branded a bully or a sexist – Williamson bites the bullet and dares to call a spade a spade. Or a cunt a cunt, if you will.

If you’re willing to forgive 200 uses of the word ‘cunt’ in one show, you might just get this funny-as-fuck shit.  Antonino Tati


Alex Williamson performed at the Regal Theatre Friday 11 May as part of the Perth Comedy Festival 2018.

He next performs at the Entertainment Centre in Gladstone May 18, followed by dates in Brisbane, Melbourne, Albury and Coffs Harbour.

Full dates and tickets available through Frontier Touring website.


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