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It’s Easy Being Green – How to Blend Nature Into Your Home’s Interiors


Do you live in an apartment in the city? If you do, you would know how it can be nice to incorporate some freshness into your home in the middle of all the hustle and bustle that occurs around you. Aside from being absolutely stunning to look at, it has been proven that having plants and other natural elements in your home can improve the air quality that you are breathing in and are natural humidifiers.

On top of that, studies have shown that having plants in your space can even reduce stress and fatigue whilst improving productivity. In this article, we will touch on how you can easily blend nature into your home interiors, so read on to find out more.


01. Simple House Plants

Experts at interior design firms in Melbourne say that one of the easiest ways you can incorporate nature into your homes is by simply purchasing some basic house plants. When selecting plants for various rooms, always ensure that you have the right variety for the right room. Plants that need more light can be situated in your living room or next to a balcony window, whilst other species that may not need as much light are perfect options for your bedroom or study. Get creative and head down to your local nursery to get your hands on some indoor plants today!


02. Indoor Herb Gardens

This one kills two birds with one stone. Aside from bringing a touch of beauty and a fresh fragrance to your home, growing your own herbs indoors ensures that you’re saving money when cooking up a storm. Herbs are expensive, so why buy them when you can grow them in your very own home? Even if you only have a small space, tiny kitchen or minimal space on your windowsill, growing herbs in your home is as easy as pie! There are many tutorials available online, so get your herb on!


03.    Head To The Local Flower Shop

Flowers are a girl’s best friend. Actually, they’re everyone’s best friend, regardless of gender. Who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet sat in the middle of the dining table, or a gorgeous flower arrangement on your coffee table? There’s something about flowers that just makes you feel happy, and to top it all off, your home will be filled with a beautiful floral aroma for days! You can even purchase a bouquet, break it apart and place a few stalks in small vases, tastefully places all around your home.


04. Think About Natural Materials

Aside from plants, another great way of incorporating nature into your home is by utilising natural materials when it comes to furniture and benchtops. Consider going for natural benchtops made of stone or timber in the kitchen, and other rustic looking furniture such as wooden dining tables and coffee tables for your lounge area and dining area. Not only do these materials bring in an element of the natural into your home, they also tend to be long lasting and of high quality, ensuring that your furniture will last you decades.


05.    Embrace Nature’s Colour Palette

When you think of nature, flashes of green, sky blue and muted yellows come to mind. Embrace and explore all the colours of nature when it is time to decorate your home. Consider painting your walls a baby yellow, or incorporating furniture and fixtures that are in line with nature’s colour pallette. A pop of colour here and there can truly transform your space into a serene safe haven.


We hope that this article has been insightful in teaching you ways in which you can easily blend nature into your home’s interiors, no matter how big or small your space may be.

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