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Dick pic study cancelled after researcher inundated with entries

Eggplants @2x

A researcher at Missouri State University has had to cancel a study on dick pics after being inundated with penis imagery.

Professor Alice Walker announced on social media that she was “looking into the relationship between penis size and self-esteem” and so put a call out to male members of the public to submit photos and the size of their penis.

Walker aimed to collate 3,600 pics for her study and, sure enough, hundreds of these began filling up her inbox, coming from anonymous men online as well as from participants she’d poached in hospitals and nightclubs.

It wasn’t so much the overload of schlong photos that cut the study short, but an outcry from certain members of the public – namely fuddy duddies, of course. There were also quite a few prank pics being sent in; non-genuine shots (we’ve all been there), and even pictures of eggplants.

The study has thus been cancelled and the pics subsequently destroyed, although the professor says she still believes it’s important to carry out the research.

“We need to be talking about men’s body dysmorphia and the way our society worships size,” says Walker. “And the way that worshipping impacts men.”

One result Walker can reveal from the hundreds of pics she did receive is that the average penis length is 5.3 inches.

That is, without filter or photoshop.  Antonino Tati

2 Responses to “Dick pic study cancelled after researcher inundated with entries”

  1. Chopsies

    So Schlong Kongs are not the majority afterall. Phew, so happy I’m above the average!



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