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What comedian Jimmy McGhie needs, really, is a bigger audience; and, heck, he deserves it

Comedian Jimmy McGhie’s standup show – a highlight at this year’s Perth Comedy Festival – went by the odd title of Need(y). It’s an inappropriate headline for such a handsome, strapping, six-foot-something Englishman who possesses wit and charm in spades, and has the entire female contingency of his audience eating out of his well-manicured hand.

I bet even after all of Jimmy’s tales of dud dates and proclivitous sex, half these girls would have gone out for a drink with him after the gig, with or without their boyfriends or husbands.

It’s no surprise this guy won a Best Comedy act award in Australia a few years back, and why he’s been invited again and again to perform at Edinburgh’s famed fringe festival and on so many international talk shows.

McGhie is the kind of stand-up comedian a girl could take home to meet Mum. He’s dapper where it counts (sharp but relaxed dress sense; posh accent; Uni-graduated) and not nearly as boisterous and egotistical as some of the men in the world of stand-up and booze. And as for the line girls often use that “a guy really has to have a great sense of humour”, this guy’s comedy ought to see him win first prize for their affections.

It’s no surprise McGhie won a Best Comedy Act award in Australia a few years back, and why he’s been invited again and again to perform at Edinburgh’s famed fringe festival and on so many international talk shows.

A true raconteur, the guy relays real-life stories with exceptional articulation, punctuating these with shocking punchlines that make the audience wonder, Did he really just say that?.

His outrageous tales are usually of a sexual bent – from the time he was watching a sex tape featuring his step-mum (whom he has a crush on) masturbating and was put off mid-wank when his dad jumped into frame, to the time he got dirty with a rough-and-ready English chick in the back of a cab – she pulling out her left breast and demanding ‘Suck this you dirty little bass-tard’ then suddenly cutting him off mid-suck to dash out of the cab, leaving him shocked and speechless.

It’s the punchline to this story that McGhie ought to have referenced in his show’s title. In the end of the messy-back-of-a-cab scenario, the aloof cab driver asks, “Where to now, mate?” with Jimmy responding, “To Freud’s fucking analyst couch!”

Jimmy McGhie: Freudian Slips. That has a comical enough ring to it.

All this comedian needs, really, is a bigger live audience. Self-deprecating remarks aside (“Here I am performing at the smallest venue at the Astor… in inconsequential Perth”, he joked), McGhie has proven he can entertain the larger troupes, Edinburgh and beyond.

Whatever he calls his next show, be sure to catch it. This is one-of-a-kind comic ingenuity.

Antonino Tati


‘Jimmy McGhie: Need(y)’ was part of the Perth Comedy Festival. For more excellent acts check out the program at www.perthcomedyfestival.com.

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