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Pokémon game developers inject elements of ‘Detective Pikachu’ movie into ‘Pokémon Go’

To coincide with the theatrical release of awesome live-action feature Pokémon Detective Pikachu, the game’s creators are celebrating by injecting a little of the film content into the actual Pokémon Go game.

As of today, fans of the popular augmented reality game can catch Pikachu donning a deerstalker hat, just like he does in the movie.

There will also be run-ins with some of the stranger Pokémon from the movie, such as Psyduck and Jigglypuff, heck even a chance to catch a Shiny Aipom.

The live-action film stars Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu and Justice Smith as his junior sidekick, Tim.

While there’s nothing too radical in the film’s plot and settings, it is nice to see one of gaming history’s cutest characters given a bolder ‘humanistic’ personality for the screen.

With more than 800 Pokémon to look out for, spotting them is a fun but hugely overwhelming task.

Some Pokémon we noticed running throughout the film, as well as spotted subtly hanging on ads and billboards in the film’s background are: Snorlax (asleep in the street right at the start of the film), Ludicolo, Growlithe (the puppy Pokémon) who grows into Arcanine, Lickitung (one of the original 151 Pokémon, famous for his excessive drool).

Aipom – lots and lots of angry little versions of them – appear close the film’s beginning, with other  Pokémon eventually revealing themselves including Snubbull, Haunter, and of course Mewtwo.

Also keep an eye out for DJ Diplo who makes a cameo in the film, with two speaker-looking Loudreds flanking him on stage.

Fans of the game ought to be impressed enough and, if not, can always stick to catching the li’l critters on their small screens.

Antonino Tati


‘Pokémon Detective Pikachu’ is in cinemas now.

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