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Andy Warhol would have been thrilled to know a Lego Andy is in the works…

As if it hasn’t been a busy enough few weeks for Lego, announcing the releases of a Lego ‘Friends’ set and Lego ‘Stranger Things’ universe, now comes news that the toy giant looks like issuing a set of Lego figurines of prominent artists.

A proposed ‘Artists of the 20th Century’ Lego collection designed by fan Han Sbricksteen looks like getting the go-ahead, and will feature figurines of surrealists Salvador Dalí and Frida Kahlo, cubist Pablo Picasso, and of course pop artist Andy Warhol.

Why settle for 15 minutes of fame when you can have a lifetime of it through Lego?

Lego art history set cream magazine @2x

The proposed set includes not only mini figures of said artists but also their studios – brimming with personal possessions, paintings, and other artwork.

Each artist scene measures over 3.40″ (8.6 cm) high, 5” (12.7 cm) wide and 2.50” (6.4 cm) deep, with over 600 pieces proposed per set.

Warhol’s set, for example, will be inspired by contents of The Factory and will include four Marilyn Monroe portraits, an Elvis Presley portrait, mini Brillo boxes, and his most famous painting of a Campbell’s Soup can.

Why settle for 15 minutes of fame when you can have a lifetime of it through Lego?
Antonino Tati

The art history Lego set proposal has hit the 5,000-supporter milestone towards the 10,000 votes needed for the project to go ahead. Click here if you’d like to see it eventuate.

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