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A whole lotta’ LOTR: ‘Lord of the Rings’ marathon screenings for one day only

Palace Cinemas will be screening the extended editions of The Lord of The Rings trilogies for one day only on Sunday September 8.

Earning a whopping 17 Academy Awards (including an Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director) The Fellowship of the RingThe Two Towers and The Return of the King will be screened with a combined extra 169 minutes of additional footage, edits, special effects, music, even fan credits.

Lovers of the epic fantasy, can experience the extended, director’s cut of these timeless classics, delivering a new depth and scope to the infamous films for a one-day marathon to end all cinematic marathons.

The screenings will be at Palace Cinema Paradiso, Palace Electric, Palace James Street, Chauvel Cinema, Palace Byron and Palace Balwyn from 10am until final credit rolls. 

Let the power of the big screen evoke the ringleader of all fantasy films for one epic day at Palace Cinemas.

This experience will be precious indeed.

Michael Mastess


Tickets (Adults $25, Movie Club $20) are available here.

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