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The new Globber scooter is tough on the tarmac but discreet where it counts

For a guy who needs quite a bit of encouragement to get out and enjoy the great outdoors (never been one for sports), I’ve done a surprising lot of adventurous things in my life.

[Cue: bragging voice:]

I’ve quad-biked through the busy streets of Johannesburg, zip-lined from tree to tree in Fiji, hot-air ballooned over the border of Kenya and Tanzania, helicoptered over and under the Golden Gate Bridge, shark cage-dived off the coast of Cape Town, even four-wheel-driven off the beaten track in country New South Wales.

And all of this via the organisation of cunningly motivating PR representatives.

Up until recently, however, I have never rollerbladed, skateboarded, nor scootered. And at 40-plus years, I’m embarrassed to say so.

Well, now I can tick at least one of those three off the to-do list – ever since a nifty adult scooter from famed scooter brand Globber caught my attention last month.

Since unpacking this baby, I’ve ridden it aplenty in the car-park across the road, down to Mum’s for dinner, to the corner shops for milk, and to my buddy’s several suburbs away where upon seeing it he demanded, “I’m getting one of those right now!”

The Globber ONE NL 205 scooter packs a powerful punch for such a compact mode of transport.

The Globber ONE NL 205 is an appealing model of scooter. While its main frame is sleek, its super-wide aluminium T-bar ensures you’re not slouching forward if getting too comfortable in your ride.

The handlebars are foldable, as is the whole kit and caboodle, so as you can put it away neatly at home or when out and about. In fact, the design is so compact that the 205 folds easily within seconds and fits neatly into a gym locker or in the back of the car boot.

Weighing in at just 5.76 kg, riders won’t mind carrying this beauty around on occasion when say, crossing a well-kempt park or busy street.

Scooters are eco-friendly since they don’t require fuel nor much maintenance, leaving next-to-no carbon footprint.

To give you extra confidence on the tarmac, an extruded aluminium rear brake allows for easy stopping, while those nifty handle-bars feature ergonomic grips and there’s even an anti-shaking clamp.

The Globber brand was founded in 2014 by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the riding and scooter industry – and you can sense the sleek evolution of the brand in the ONE NL 205.

After appealing to kids and teenagers for years, Globber is now turning more toward the adult market. And why not? Scooters are built light, gentle on the purse strings, and eco-friendly since they don’t require fuel nor much maintenance, leaving next-to-no carbon footprint. And the bottom line: they’re a cinch to ride!

With plusses all-round, I’d recommend this brilliant mode of transportation to anyone, young or the more mature.

Antonino Tati


The Globber ONE NL 205 adult scooter retails at just $240 and is available in black-charcoal grey, lime green-dark grey, and white-black.

To find your nearest Globber adult scooter dealer, click here or visit www.globber.com.au to order online!

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