Get away from the post-winter damp and dullness and get into some serious sun-sailing

Yes, we are officially into Spring but thanks to global warming, the weather at times gets turned upside down and it often still feels like winter.

If you’re keen to get away from the Aussie damp and dullness, consider sun-sailing and other brilliant activities at one of the many destinations below.

Featured in the trusty selection below are some of the most exotic spots in the world. There’s snorkelling in the Whitsundays, treasure-hunting in the British Virgin Islands, long-boat riding in Phuket… a whole bunch of things to tick off the bucket-list, in fact.

Read on, and get booking!

Antonino Tati


Tortola, BVI

Tortola is a real-life Treasure Island with warm weather year-round. Soak up the sun beachside on one of the many islands in the region, dive the epic shipwrecks below the surface, and relax on the deck of your Sunsail yacht and toast to the never-ending sun. Thanks to the reliable trade winds, this is the perfect destination for new sailors to gain their sea legs and explore one of the world’s most famous yachting destinations in style.

Tortola | Experience Level 1 | 7-nights | From AU $2,992




Belize is another paradise with exceptional weather year-round. But for those seeking the peak summer sun months, June to September offer an average of 27 degrees, tropical waters and over 400 islands and cays to explore. With Sunsail, you can kayak through the deep blue waters of Lagoon Caye, watch the spider monkeys play on Thatch Caye and snorkel the reef off the private South Water Caye. Head to shore and stretch your legs with an adventure to the ancient Mayan ruins of Belize.

Belize | Experience Level 3 | 7-nights | From AU $5,152



St. Martin

This half Dutch, half French island offers the very best of both worlds. With temperatures averaging 28 degrees from June to September, St. Martin is a hot bed of fun. This section of the Caribbean is immensely popular as a sailing destination. Dock at St Barths for boutique shopping, secluded beaches in Anguilla and prime snorkelling in Anse de Colombier. Everything about St. Martin is vibrant and warm – the perfect winter warmer.

St. Martin | Experience Level 2-3 | 7-nights | From AU $5,558


Add a little spice to your life with sailings to Spice Island with its salt and pepper coloured sand, famous diving locations and local iguana residents.



Grenada’s year-long perfect weather will have you wanting to stay forever. Add a little spice to your life with sailings to Spice Island (Grenada) with its salt and pepper coloured sand, famous diving locations and local iguana residents. Soak up the sun, history and culture of Grenada during a 7-night sailing adventure. Grenada is a gateway into the wonders of the Caribbean.

Grenada | Experience Level 3 | 7-nights | From AU $2,763



St. Lucia

The lush, mountainous St. Lucia is unlike any other Caribbean island. There is so much to do on St. Lucia and the surrounding islands, that 7-nights almost doesn’t seem like enough time. Sunsail’s suggested itinerary will make sure you have plenty of time to take in the highlights, as well as participate in some much-needed R&R. St. Lucia also offers a volcano spa treatment – its sure to warm you from the inside out. Say goodbye to winter woes. Summer is endless and blissful in St. Lucia.

St. Lucia | Experience Level 3 | 7-nights | From AU $2,438


Follow the chain of 74 islands off the Queensland coast and learn the definition of paradise.


Whitsundays, Australia

For easy sailing in one of the world’s most beautiful regions, head the Australia’s Whitsunday Islands. This South Pacific paradise shines brightest from November to April. Follow the chain of 74 islands off the Queensland coast and learn the definition of paradise. Snorkel or dive to explore the underwater coral forests, schools of fish and turtles who call the Great Barrier Reef home. Relax on secluded island beaches and toast to the relaxed Australian way of life.

Whitsundays | Experience Level 1 | 7-nights | From AU $4,373


Phuket, Thailand

Known as the Pearl of the Andaman, Phuket is the perfect exotic base for island sailing. Or if you really want to chill, take a long boat ride and hop from island to island. Snorkel with manta rays, explore hidden sea caves and listen to the flow of the gentle waters while watching the sun set. With over 130 islands to explore, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Or cruise the world-famous Phi Phi islands for a touch of Hollywood. Used as a location for many films, including ‘The Beach’, Maya Bay is a stunning natural oasis.

Phuket | Experience Level 2 | 7-nights | From AU $2,898


Sunsail offer 25 sailing destinations in the most beautiful corners of the earth. Each destination has been carefully selected to ensure ease, comfort and excellence throughout your experience. From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean (and everywhere in between) enjoy the attention to detail and high calibre of sailing expertise with Sunsail. Visit for more information visit

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