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Quick Flick launch a ‘lit’ range of bright and colourful eyeliners

Uni student turned makeup entrepreneur Iris Smit has done pretty well for herself since landing a $300,000 deal with Shark Tank’s Andrew Banks for her unique beauty product, the Quick Flick eyeliner.

The Quick Flick is a pre-loaded stamp for creating a ‘winged’ eyeliner look, and is available in three sizes. It’s also waterproof, vegan and cruelty-free.

Already Smit is delivering Quick Flick diffusion lines, the latest being the ‘Get Lit’ range which boasts an array of vivid colours.

Housed inside an exclusive drawer box are shades of ‘Hot Summer’, ‘Cherry Bomb’, ‘Pink Wink’, ‘Purple Reign’ and ‘Evil Eye’, each featuring the thinnest and sleekest of wing shapes (dubbed ‘To The Point’, the wing measures 10mm in length).

Application is simple enough, as guests got to try at the launch in Perth a couple of weekends ago. Simply prep your eyelids with an oil-free primer and setting powder; line the bottom of the stamp with the edge of your upper lash line, and stamp gently. Use the felt tip eyeliner pen included to fill in and shape.

For more information or to purchase the Get Lit range, visit www.thequickflick.com.au and in the meantime take a look at our gallery of party guests getting their Lit on.

Antonino Tati


Photography by Mango Adonis.



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