Outdoor cinema just got bigger, bolder and cosier!

First there was plain and simple indoor cinema.

Then there was outdoor cinema – where you could get comfy on a beanbag or with a complete picnic setup, so as to enjoy seeing movies under the stars.

Now there’s Mov’in Bed – undoubtedly the grander, more comfortable way to watch movies outdoors.

Complete with mattresses, blankets, side tables and the softest of pillows, Mov’in Bed is the world’s biggest outdoor ‘bed cinema’.

Following four successful years in Sydney, the event is departing for its first ‘national tour’, making its way through Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Perth will get to enjoy the experience first and the setup will be at Ozone Reserve from October 18th – December 8th.

This unique cinema experience will be boosted by a giant screen and surround sound audio, with 45 screenings taking place on the program.

As for the film selection, everything from classic flicks to contemporary hits are being screened including Joker, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, It: Chapter Two, Back to the Future, Pulp Fiction, A Star is Born, The Lion King, and a whole lot more.

More information and tickets available at

Antonino Tati

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