Shakespeare in its original (and hilarious) guise pops up in Perth

Pop-Up Globe is an authentic full-scale replica of Shakespeare’s 16th Century theatre, providing a unique experiential event that definitely ought not be missed. After performing to 550,000 people in the span of just two-and-a-half years, Perth sees the Australian launch of this epic festival – which is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Choose from the classic tragedy Hamlet (expect bloody duals and haunting ghosts), to the frolicking comedy of A Mid Summer Night’s Dream, to the hilarious gender-bending Twelfth Night.

Having seen many a Shakespeare play, particularly the more sombre tragi-dramas, I opted to see Measure for Measure for its amusing script, colourful characters, and light-hearted plot.

If you have never been to a Shakespearean production, then the selection on offer at Pop-Up Globe provides the best intro you could hope to find. Or, for die-hard fans like myself, the Pop-Up Globe presents the most unique and inclusive audience immersion, where every seat is a good one.

Don’t be afraid to book the cheap seats in the yard, around the projected stage, called the groundlings: the proximity gives birth to the personal nuance of each performance, where you may well be transported into one of Shakespeare’s town folk. The open sky frames the stage while the audience gets a genuine Jacobean perspective.

Measure for Measure evokes the period and culture of Shakespeare’s day but by romping up a Moulin Rouge-like storm of smut, dance, song and jest; making the audience cringe and laugh at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve not read the play, Measure for Measure is easy to follow as the hyperbole of plot, costume and character stereotypes weave through the hypocrisy of justice, all the while remaining amusing. Be warned: the dialogue is not politically correct and the overt sexuality could offend conservative types, however the moral dilemmas and class struggles with authority are still relevant today.

After performing to 550,000 people in the span of just two-and-a-half years, Perth sees the Australian launch of this epic festival.

Due to high demand, the season has just been extended, so be quick for this must-see theatrical event, and enjoy a very memorable night out. Also note: this is an all-weather venue, so be prepared.
Annette McCubbin

Pop-Up Globe is on at Crown Theatre.

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