Bucket list sports events and how to attend them for real

It’s become something of a cliché that the internet has made the world a smaller place. What it has really done is broaden our horizons, and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of sport.

Before the online age, being an Australian sports fan meant backing your local AFL outfit and following the fortunes of the cricket team. The same applied the world over. The British have their Premier League soccer and country cricket, the Americans the NFL and World Series, and so on. 

These days, sport has become far more global in nature. Take a look at the Unibet blog to see the phenomenon in action. The Melbourne Cup has been a hot topic on the over recent weeks, alongside NFL news and the latest from the Premier League. But reading about an event, betting on it, even streaming coverage, is not the same as being there. 

The globalization of sport means the average Australian sports fan now dreams of more than making the journey from Perth to Australia to catch the Melbourne Cup or the MCG Test. Let’s think big and look at three global bucket list sporting events. Return flights to any of the following destinations start at around $1,500 if you book early. 


Let’s think big and look at three global bucket list sporting events…



The Super Bowl

The spread of NFL popularity beyond US borders started in the 1980s and was a taste of things to come in other sports a decade or two later. The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest single event on the sporting calendar. Super Bowl LIV will take place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami next February. 

Super Bowl tickets start at about $4,000 but reduce in price as game day approaches, so if you’ve always liked the idea of a Florida holiday, this could be the moment. Even if you don’t get a last-minute deal on a ticket, experiencing the Super Bowl from a sports bar within the US is a unique experience in itself. 


The Monaco Grand Prix

The F1 season opener in Albert Park is a fantastic experience, but there’s one place that all petrol-heads dream about. Casino Square, the Marina, Sainte Devote – all words to send shivers down the spine. Grandstand tickets in Monaco start around the €1,800 mark, which makes it significantly cheaper than attending the Super Bowl. 

Just keep in mind that every hotel in Monaco is going to be extremely busy and charging a premium, so this is one where you really need to shop around and do your homework.



It’s tennis’s showpiece event, and every year, Centre Court attracts royalty and the biggest showbiz stars. Want to join them? Attending Wimbledon per se is relatively simple if you just go to soak up the atmosphere and attend the outer courts. 

Of course, Centre Court on finals day is another matter. Compared with the other events we have mentioned, prices are relatively low at around $400, but demand is quite the opposite. Tickets will be sold in limited numbers via platforms like Ticketmaster, so monitor the sites closely and act fast when a new batch is released. 

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