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La Mer’s New Regenerating Serum: a product that literally does what its name suggests

As a contributor to Cream magazine, I have tested quite a few brands in the beauty department over the past 20-plus years.

Actually, you could say hundreds.

Gels, creams, oils, serums for the body, face and, more specifically, various parts of the face: eyes, lips, forehead, even the nose.

Of all the brands I have dabbed on my skin, one name stands head and shoulders above the rest: La Mer.

Indeed, as Elle magazine contributor April Long once wrote, “If ever there was a beauty product that could be considered truly legendary, it would be Crème de la Mer.”

That particular product was created by German aerospace physicist, Max Huber, who once suffered severe burns in a lab explosion in the 1950s, then spent the next decade experimenting with Macrocystis pyrifera, a type of kelp found in the Pacific Ocean, until he created an elixir that healed his wounds and restored his skin to glowing health.

After Huber’s death in 1991, cosmetics company Estée Lauder purchased the patent from his daughter and turned it into the successful and greatly coveted product that it is today.

Suffice to say, any subsequent product release under the ‘La Mer’ brand had better be brilliant, and I found the new La Mer Regenerating Serum to supersede even my greatest of expectations.

Where most beauty rejuvenation products come with fine-print that states something along the lines of ‘results are evident after two weeks of continuous use’, La Mer’s new Regenerating Serum shows results instantly. Seriously, it does.

The secret ingredient is a metabolic ferment that includes plant STEM (indeed, stem) cells which provides for the natural production of collagen. This of course is excellent for maintaining softer, lighter, smoother and all-round younger looking skin.

Just one drop helps do the trick. After cleansing and toning, I applied a small amount each morning and one each evening, both the size of a dewdrop. As I said, the positive results were obvious right away but  after a fortnight’s use, my skin had a constant regenerated look about it even before I’d apply my morning or afternoon dose of this magical product.

The best part is, with my possession of somewhat oily skin, the regenerating serum works well as enough of a moisturiser; an excellent one at that for it’s non-greasy and never sticky.

Soon enough,  compliments started coming in from friends and family so I knew it wasn’t just some psychological trick or placebo effect.

La Mer Regenerating Serum is now up there with Clarins’ Beauty Flash – another favourite of mine from an extensive beauty canon. Both are products that do what they promise – which is provide invigoration in an instant.

Definitely slip this serum onto this year’s Christmas wish-list.

Antonino Tati


The Regenerating Serum is available in 30ml RRP $490 from selected David Jones locations as well as online via www.cremedelamer.com.au. A list of stockists is also available on the website, or phone 1800 661 062 for these.

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