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Nando’s introduce its super-delicious and very healthy ‘Power Up Bowl’

A lot of restaurant chains are busy stepping up their menus to include healthy options for those who want to give the grease and extra calories a miss. Some of their new menu additions prove very popular; many fall by the wayside, never to be seen again.

Nando’s new Power Up Bowl is one that looks like sticking around for a long time. This dish has ‘hit’ written all over it, packed with black rice, flame-roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes, avocado and a generous mix of healthy seeds.

So far exclusive to WA Nando’s restaurants, other interstate outlets would be mad not to want it on their menu.

Your summer meals just got tastier and healthier.

Pop into your local store and try it for yourself. You’ll be surprised that super-delicious food can be super-healthy for you. In all honesty, the grilled peppers are better than any I’ve tasted in an Italian restaurant or at home (sorry, Mum!).

And if you’re a fan of the salad-packed poké bowls made famous from Hawaiian cuisine, the Power Up Bowl kind of has the same summery taste and vibe to it.

While you’re there, try a side of Nando’s new PERi-PERi grilled broccolini. Slightly charred and still so green and good for you, it’s another reason your summer meals just got tastier and healthier.
Antonino Tati

The Nando’s Power Up Bowl is $10.95 or $15.95 (with chicken tenders for an extra hit of protein). A serve of PERi-PERi grilled broccolini is $3.95 (regular) or $5.95 (large). Safe to say chicken and broc’ never tasted so good!

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