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Surprise magic and a study in semiotics in ‘Magic In A Jiffy’

Elliot Bibby is a charismatic award-winning magician from out of Edinburgh, Scotland. Having won ‘Scottish Magician of the Year’, Bibby’s sleight-of-hand is one of the fastest in the country, earning him the title of ‘British Close-Up Magic Champion’.

His new Fringe show, Magic In A Jiffy offers comic charm and optical illusions in a fast-paced production packed with silly antics that both entertain and educate. As for a theme, Bibby couldn’t have done better in selection than ‘contemporary online shopping’.

Consumerist banter is intertwined with complex card tricks and mentalist exercises which never fail to enthrall. Throw in some humble Scottish humour and an adorable accent and it all makes for an enjoyable show.

As a bonus the audience gets a brief education on online marketing ploys with Bibby going into detail about the symbolic meanings behind well-known logos such as Amazon and Fedex.

While there are some standard magic acts on the Fringe calendar, Elliot Bibby possesses a demeanour that is more personable, relatable, and which sees audience members feeling instantly relaxed, some of whom volunteer to get an even closer look at the marvelous magic.

A seemingly understated show in the Fringe program, don’t let the apparent simplicity fool you. Magic In A Jiffy is a very clever show with surprise results that will wow you, teach you, and make you laugh at the same time.

And while you’re at it, check out Elliot’s second show, Bibs ‘N’ Bobs, presented later in the evenings at the more intimate space of the Belgian Beer Cafe, making it a great occasion to catch up with mates and a beer.


Annette McCubbin


‘Magic In A Jiffy’ is on nightly from 6.40pm at The Black Flamingo, The Ice Cream Factory, Northbridge, until January 27. Tickets are available at www.fringeworld.com.au.

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