5 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained During Lockdown… If Only to Avoid Going Mad

Over these past weeks in lockdown mode, we’ve all been inspired to find fresh ways to keep ourselves entertained. Whether it’s finally getting to stream those podcasts saved way back; curating clever lists for friends to add to on Facebook; making munted TikTok clips; or zoning in on DIY muso gigs through Zoom… anything to get our attention away from Covid news.

Here are 5 things you and your household peeps might like to try to kill time while expanding your horizons…


Learn to cook something new and daring

There’s more inspiration out there than just re-runs of MasterChef. Clean out the pantry and put those high-shelf ingredients to fancy use. Turn your fruit bowl into an array of pickles and jams. Consider Hello Fresh for some innovative ingredients. Cosy up to some winter recipes from a site like Epicurious. You’ll add a foodie feather to your cap and the family gets to taste something truly adventurous and utterly noms.


Enjoy the full cinema experience without the hefty price tag

Make plenty of popcorn and get comfortable in front of the Smart TV for what might actually be an even better movie experience than one at Hoyts or Events. Sure, the screen in your living room might be smaller, but think of the dull ads you’ll get to avoid let alone the money you’ll save from not being extorted at the candy bar. Spend it instead on a subscription to Netflix, Hulu or Disney+. Or just dust off some classics on Blu-ray if you still have those disk thingies.


Swap air guitar for the real thing with a couple of intro lessons, or talk to that friend of a friend in a band to see if they could hook you up with a virtual lesson or two.


Pick up a new instrument

If playing the flute badly in Year 7 is about the furthest you’ve gone to making music, now might be the time to start practicing your first official instrument. And you wouldn’t be alone. A recent ABC report suggests thousands of folks are picking up an instrument to learn for the first time so as to help bide the big Covid wait. You can find resources online that’ll help you master the art of anything. Swap air guitar for the real thing with a couple of intro lessons through, or talk to that friend of a friend in a band to see if they could hook you up with a virtual lesson or two.


Get a workout, in comfort

Exercising at home is the best. You don’t have to worry about superficial things like how good your active-wear outfit looks (yes, we’ll let you get away with sweats) and you . Zoom with your own personal trainer if you can afford it, or get resourceful and turn everyday spaces and products into makeshift gym equipment.


Take your gaming experience to next-level adventure

If you’ve not tried the virtual reality gaming experience, get your head out of the sand. Then throw your mind and body into worlds filled with everything from monsters to Martians, lifelike shoot-outs to detective-like action.

As Sony’s VR platform has grown in popularity, so too has its variety of games. See a list of some of their best VR titles here.


Bring the casino home to you

A little fun and gambling never hurt anyone. You can play casino-style games without getting off the couch or having to put up with hideous casino carpet and decor. Check out a site like Magicred and remember to gamble responsibly.


Compiled by Antonino Tati



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