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Learn all about the music industry from the comfort of your couch…

‘Locked Down, Learn’ is a series of free, no-strings attached mentorship chat sessions happening weekly and hosted by music industry folk under the Vicious and Be Rich labels.

Each week, reputable DJs and music marketing maestros offer one-hour workshops where you can learn more about the dance music industry.

From record production to DJ-ing, public relations to marketing, you’ll hear directly from the people whose daily job is developing, releasing and promoting dance and electronic music.

Weeks one and two have already been and gone but it’s not too late to express interest for weeks three and four.

Week three is on Thursday 7 May (see times below) and focuses on Management. Find out what music managers do and how they get paid. Do you need one a manager? What is the difference between a Tour Manager, Booking Manager and Artist Manager? These questions and more will be answered by Vicious & Be Rich Label Managers and Marketing reps.

Week four turns its focus on the business behind the music. Find out how Artists get paid, how record deals work, about music publishing, and the basics of how labels earn income. From Public Performance and advances, to royalties and flat fees, you’ll learn all about the ca-ching that helps folks play and sing. On the Panel: Vicious & Be Rich Business Affairs and Account Manager.

Antonino Tati


For more information visit www.viciousrecordings.com.





Thursday 7th May

(10am AEST Melbourne Time, 5pm LA time, 8pm New York time, 1am London time)



Thursday 14th May

(7pm AEST Melbourne Time, 2am LA Time, 5am New York Time, 10am London Time)

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