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Former AFL Premiership player and North Melbourne coach Dean Laidley arrested in drag for stalking

Former North Melbourne football coach Dean Laidley has been arrested and placed in lockup in Melbourne after he was allegedly found stalking, dressed in a blonde wig and black dress.

The 53-year-old former Premiership player was picked up by Victoria Police on the streets of St Kilda on Saturday night.

Laidley did not apply for bail and was remanded in custody, continually asking to be referred to by police as ‘Daniella’.

Photographs of the football hero and father of three show him wearing a blonde wig and black dress while in police custody – the photos supposedly leaked on social media by a police insider.

One of the photographs was apparently taken from inside a police interview room; another pulled from a police investigation file.

Victoria Police are ‘keeping mum’ on the specifics of Laidley’s arrest but it is reported he was being held on multiple offences. Police say Laidley will remain behind bars until May 11.

Dean Laidley originally hailed from Balga, Western Australia. He was a social and active player on the Victorian football social scene, once saying, “Our coaching group is very, very good, we are very close. On occasion, we just have nights when we close the door ourselves and sit there and get on the drink – it’s good for the soul.”

Antonino Tati

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