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Pete Evans goes on another rant: suggests the George Floyd riots are a media set-up to divert our attention from Covid-19

Celebrity chef, restaurant entrepreneur, and all-round nut-job Pete Evans has once again been causing chaos online with his madman suggestions.

This time, the ex-My Kitchen Rules chef is suggesting on social media that the riots over George Floyd’s death are part of a media conspiracy staged by ‘the elite’ to distract the world’s people from Covid-19.

Evans has even been expressing his pro-stance of President Donald Trump’s threats to use the military against US protesters.

A Twitter re-post by Evans last night read: “With the wave of a wand the media diverted your attention from a ‘deadly’ pandemic to racial riots, and you didn’t even stop to notice.”

The Tweet goes on to read: “Stop taking the bait and being spoon fed by the media. They are here to misinform you. Think critically and research for yourself. Do not mistake rioters with protesters. There is plenty of evidence showing you the riots were instigated by organisations affiliated with the elite. It is no accident that videos of police brutality have suddenly gone viral.”

Evans appears to agree that the media – and an ‘elite group’ instructing them – want rioters to remain in large disruptive groups so as to be able to spread Covid-19 more quickly.

Sure, the spread of Covid-19 is inevitable when large groups gather but why something disastrous such as a virus needs to be purposely replaced by the media and ‘elite’ with something else disastrous like rioting is something of a conundrum.

“I hope you see the pattern,” continues the post. “Stay vigilant, be prepared, don’t fall for the new world agenda. And once again think, it’s not illegal yet.”

Evans is renowned for his over-the-top social media posts, and has received backlash in the past for everything from pushing paleo diets to recently flogging a machine called ‘The BioCharger NG’ as a “hybrid subtle energy revitalisation platform”.

‘The BioCharger NG’.

In regards to that last obscure object, Evans wrote: “You sit around it and let the ENERGIES from the machine charge you up or whatever…”.

Pete has been rattling off many a conspiracy theory over the past few weeks, most recently facing criticism for his theoretical links between 5G technology, vaccines and autism.

Oddly enough, even while pointing the finger at a conspiracy-allowing media, Evans is due to appear on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes this Sunday night, where he is sure to unveil more crazy musings.

Antonino Tati

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