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WTF? Lynx extends its ‘Africa’ range to include a spray and body wash that smell like… Marmite


I’m all for the combining of brands when it comes to chocolate or bread spreads but to combine a hygiene staple with a yeast product is something altogether wacky.

Lynx has extended its ‘Africa’ range to include a limited edition spray and body wash that apparently smell like the famous toast spread, Marmite.

Yes, you read right.

The new Lynx Africa and Marmite toiletries feature notes of ‘hybrid’ lavender, white moss and green herbs, alongside woody profiles of sandalwood and cedarwood – all underpinned by a dash of salty Marmite.

We say WTF if only to stop ourselves from saying Fucking Racist Much?

Lynx Marmite cream magazine @2x

The products will sell in the UK, with a body spray retailing for £3.65 (around A$6.50) and a body wash priced at £2.84 (A$5).

There’s no word yet if the products will be made available in Australia. Or Africa, for that matter, where locals have good reason to take umbrage…

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