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Kylie Minogue set to go back to disco roots with new record release

Discos may only be beginning to open their doors again but Kylie Minogue is already making certain there’s a great soundtrack to go with the lights, cocktails and selfies.

Kylie will be releasing her first single in 15 months, since the release of (the rather flimsy) ‘New York City’ in May last year – a song made up mostly of samples of Mylo’s ‘Drop The Pressure’.

Say Something will be the first single from Kylie’s upcoming 15th studio album, expected for release later in the year, and which she has spent the past 12 months working on. That includes time in Covid lockdown.

Said an insider from the Kylie camp: “From what I’ve heard so far, the new record is set to be a disco classic. It’s everything you’d want from a Kylie album.

Say Something can best be described as shiny and upbeat; a stark contrast to the bleak isolation experiences we’ve all recently gone through.

Kylie first hinted at returning to pop/disco form in April last year when she told The Sun newspaper: “I would look forward to doing a pop-disco album. That’s where I think I’d head.”

As for the song title itself, well, she hinted at that back in 2011 in a special message to patrons of Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (see clip below).

Cream should have a snippet of the song to share with you in the next week or two.

Antonino Tati


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