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Impressionist art on screen at Luna Palace Cinemas

While restrictions are still fairly tight in regards to social distancing, it’s fairly impossible to freely enjoy time out at an art gallery. You never know if you’re going to get caught between that sculpture and some sneezing visitor. So it’s a good thing that Luna Palace Cinemas is putting on art-themed films in their ‘Art On Screen’ series.

Take a cinematic journey into the world of the Impressionists when 50 unseen masterpieces are unveiled to audiences for the first time in ‘Secret Impressionists’.

The film tells the story of the art revolution at the core of the Impressionist movement, via the exploration of fifty legendary paintings – hidden treasures previously inaccessible to the public, now on display in Rome for the very first time.

How did the Impressionists view the world? How was their work received? How did they go from being rejected by critics and the public to becoming some of the best-loved works of art in the world? Find out in this riveting flick that stars works by the likes of Monet, Degas, Manet, Renoir and Cézanne.

That’ll get your art fix for the year filled.

Antonino Tati


‘Secret Impressionists’ screens Saturday 19 September – Tuesday 22 September at Luna Leederville + Luna on SX. Also coming up are screenings of ‘A Night At The Louvre: Leonardo Da Vinci’ and ‘Russian Ark’, a journey that captures Russian culture and history through the Hermitage Museum. More information at lunapalace.com.au.


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