Why would Hungry Jack’s release a ‘Chicago’ Whopper when the city is in such dire straits?

The ‘Chicago’ Whopper: Despite the option of three piled patties and something about peppercorn, we’re not sure what’s new or ‘Chicago’ about it. Except Chicago has had a solid run in the news lately and is fairly popular in Google searches…

Chicago. That great American city heavily glamorised at the start of last century while Hollywood glorified the gun use and bias press at its gangster core.

Chicago. The spot on the map that scored its own musical, then a film, then a another musical, then another film that starred Richard Gere (and all that jazz).

Chicago, the city that’s had a bad run in the news of late, uncertain if its reputation is now one of security or violence. Or a clash of both.

That place.

Hungry Jacks is paying tribute to the windy  city with the release of the ‘Chicago’ Whopper, even after the world witnessed recent bloodshed on its streets.

We’ll get to the burger soon, but first about that bloodshed. A warning, the following may be disturbing to some.

On Monday, an 8-year-old little black girl and her mother, along with two other adults, were in an SUV when they stopped at a red light. A Dodge Charger stopped behind them, from which a man opened fire – killing the the child and injuring the others. The event left onlookers – and the rest of the world – reeling in shock.

Eight-year-old Dajore Wilson was one of 53 people shot in Chicago over the recent holiday weekend.

This is just one of the many horrific stories coming out of the U.S. over the past few months, following social unrest after the killing of George Floyd in May.

So, feeling a little funny in the tummy at the mere thought of a Chicago Whopper, we’ll give reviewing this one a miss, if you don’t mind.

Suffice to say, with 100% Aussie beef and the rest of the ingredients being fairly same-ol’, we’re not even sure what the reference to Chicago actually

We suspect, though, that while there’s no tie-in with what’s going on in Chicago right now, it might just be piggy-backing on the city’s spike in Google searches.

Charitable nomenclature or bitter/twisted branding, we’ll let you decide. But we’re guessing burger lovers will try one anyway. After all, reputation can blow either way.

Antonino Tati

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