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Hugh Jackman drops his duds for shoe brand RM Williams

Because there’s not a lot of work in filmmaking during Covid times, some actors have had to resort to selling out advertising to make a quick buck.

One such thespian is Hugh Jackman, who not only opted to make an advert during lockdown, but took his full kit off for it in the process.

Jackman currently features in an advertisement for shoe brand RM Williams, fully naked, save for a pair of RM classics, and looking pretty hot.

Fresh from promoting his own product – coffee brand Laughing Man – in a series of adverts, the 51-year-old actor is now offering his services to other brands.

But there’s good reason for Jackman to be spruiking RM Williams in particular. He’s been a private investor in the company since 2015 and was appointed the brand’s first-ever global ambassador in 2019.

The actor goes so far as to have his genitals filmed in the ad, albeit pixelated for the sake of (some) discretion.

Says Jackman in the ad, “My word is my bond; when I say I’m in, I’m all in; and, honestly, it’s me who should be paying you.”

View the spunky advert, above.

Antonino Tati

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