Clever anti-Trump t-shirt is doing the rounds on Twitter and Insta

A cleverly designed t-shirt is doing the rounds on social media subtly outlining Donald Trump’s flaws through the mention of people closest to the American people: family, friends and neighbouring nations.

The t-shirt reads: “Vote as if: your skin is not white, your parents need medical care, your friend is a missing indigenous woman, your spouse is an immigrant, your land is on fire, your son is transgender, your house is flooded, your sister is a victim of gun violence, your brother is gay, your water is unsafe, your daughter is a sexual assault survivor.”

Posts featuring the t-shirt been shared by celebrities such as singer/actress Cher and NBA player Sekou Doumbouya, while the tee is available for purchase via sites such as

Over the past four years, Donald Trump has been criticised for failing in key areas related to in the tee, including making racist and sexist remarks, not admitting to climate change, and failing to provide medical attention to those needing it urgently during the Covid pandemic.

The US Presidential Election takes place in just over two weeks – on Tuesday 4 November – with former vice-president Joe Biden (the Democratic party’s nominee) polling narrowly ahead of incumbent Republican president Donald Trump in key battleground states.

Some of the closest races, though, are in states where Trump won more convincingly in 2016, hence the recent volatility of the T-shirt’s circulation online.

Who would you vote for, then, Trump or Biden?

Or do you think both candidates have too many flaws to even fit on a tee?

Antonino Tati



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