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Laughter really is the best medicine with this good doctor

Be prepared to laugh a lot, shed a heart-felt tear and be completely charmed by Fringe favourite, Dr Ahmed Gets Hitched: A Wedding Extravaganza.

Our protagonist, Dr Ahmed, very quickly immerses you in an emotional rollercoaster ride as he weaves the hilarious tale of  just how he got hitched. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with a same sex, inter-faith, inter-racial, Greek-Pakistani wedding?

The world premiere of Dr Ahmed Gets Hitched: A Wedding Extravaganza is solid stand-up; great contemporary storytelling and joyful cabaret with an important message about love and acceptance.

The Doc delivers his epic tale with a delightful blend of dance moves, an incredible range of facial expressions, lots of playful fun, decent singing and a good amount of flirting. There’s even a bit of a quiz show thrown into this very eclectic act.

Ahmed has impressive physicality in his storytelling. Added to this, the Doc cleverly weaves popular songs into his story in a way that links the chapters of this unfolding drama. Starting well before the wedding with a prelude journey through online dating apps, dodgy dates, rejection, and finally finding love.

The real story is of course the wedding drama, and a drama it is! Starring a long list of characters that are cleverly brought to life for us with the Doc demonstrating an impressive range of convincing accents (well, except for German), this is a matrimony complete with catering disasters, wardrobe malfunctions, a missing MC, and a challenging family boycott.

Come in your wedding gear, there’s is a prize for the best-dressed per show.

Annette McCubbin


‘Dr Ahmed Gets Hitched: A Wedding Extravaganza is on as part of Fringe World 2021 at the Studio Undergound, State Theatre Centre, January 20, and 22-24. Tickets are available through www.fringeworld.com.au.

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