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How to Unf&ck the Planet a Little Each Day…

With a recent spotlight on all things environmental, businesses around the globe are shifting towards a better, more sustainable way of packaging while consumers are carefully considering all that we buy. We now demand transparency, sustainability and reduced waste, seeing upcycling on the rise, garage sales all the rage, package design being optimised, and bioplastics coming into play.

But what about all the stuff you already have at home?

How to Unfuck the Planet a Little Bit Each Day by Jo Stewart is a handy compendium that presents small ways in which we can make big changes in addressing eco issues – packed with clever little hacks.

While some of tips are already well-know, for the most part Stewart writes in a friendly, non-patronising manner – as though she were a good neighbour with great advice.

Many of the tasks you can do yourself: plant a bee-friendly garden, use recycled paper as gift-wrapping, purge your phone collection.

Other tasks you can pass onto others: getting an aircon specialist in to freshen those filters, or a roof maintenance guy in to clean those gutters.

Suffice to say this book will see you becoming a greener cleaner in no time: seeing you turn over a new leaf in becoming waterwise, flicking the switch to save energy, becoming a genius in composting, smarter than Marie Kondo in your junk purging, and lighter in your travels.

With strong focus now and forever on climate change – and a more critical look at our carbon footprint – How to Unf#ck the Planet a Little Bit Each Day is an optimistic call to arms. Plus it makes for a damn cute present.

Antonino Tati


How to Unfuck the Planet a Little Bit Each Day published by Street Books / Simon and Schuster, RRP $39.99.

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