Strawberry fields forever… Enjoy a deliciously crafted beer while helping W.A. strawberry farmers

When it comes to all things rural and natural, Beerfarm know what they’re doing.

An independently-owned brewery, located in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, Beerfarm has 80 acres of natural countryside as its backyard, has been converted from an old dairy farm and continues the traditions of delivering fresh produce.

While we’ve heard a lot about their famous craft beers (and there are plenty to choose from), we thought we’d turn our summer sights onto something very different: their ‘Save The Harvest’ Strawberry Sour.

While many WA farmers have suffered from the wasting of produce due to a lack of staff and temperamental weather this past season, Beerfarm have managed to do their lot to help salvage crops.

Originally created to rescue strawberries from being dumped when the needle crisis was in full swing (you remember when some idiot stabbed strawberries in a supermarket with needles), their ‘Save The Harvest’ series is still in full swing due to primary production issues post-pandemic.

The business has salvaged more than two tonnes of quality strawberries that would otherwise have gone to waste due to their unconventional appearance. Fortunately, these juicy berries proved to be the perfect ingredient for the brand’s classic Berliner Weisse base which has evolved into this delicious sour.

They’ve also upped the dosage of lime and mint in this batch, yielding at least 11% more refreshment from one of their favourite drops.

The resulting beer is softly acidic and amalgamates the three main ingredients gloriously to create a beer that is testament to its style and super-refreshing during hot summer days.

With low bitterness, a lovely aroma, a bright reddish hue and sweet-on-sour taste, you’re sure to be as hooked as we are on it.

Antonino Tati


Strawberry Sour (4.9%), RRP $8.00 a can, is available through,, and other brilliant craft beer outlets.

Pictured above: Remember when you were a teen and tried drinking beer through a straw – apparently to get drunk quicker? Well you won’t get drunk quicker with Strawberry Sour (well, we didn’t try…) but you can enjoy it through a straw!

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