Pack your bags, Love! Qantas and Jetstar to reintroduce international flying from late October

Over the past 12 months, you’ve likely sensed a kind of itch to want to travel. If not screamed and pulled your hair that you’ve Just. Got. To. Get. The. F. Outta. Australia.

The good news is Qantas and Jetstar have announced plans to reintroduce international flights from late October, 2021. Yep, that’s just eight months away!

The Qantas Group confirmed that it aims to resume flights to most international destinations by the middle of Spring, following the ramping up of its trans-Tasman flights in July (ie: trips to New Zealand).

The news comes almost a year after the Covid-19 pandemic saw Australia closing its borders to international flying.

Of course, you will need to have been vaccinated against Covid-19, with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce recently confirming that only vaccinated passengers will be able to fly internationally.

The Federal Government is insisting that almost every Australian will have been given the opportunity to be vaccinated by October.

This might mean purchasing your flight tickets at the last-minute meaning they may be more expensive but – heck – we’d do (and pay) just about anything to get out into the real world again.

By October 31, Qantas expects to have resumed flights to 22 of its 25 international destinations including London, Singapore and Los Angeles. You might have to wait longer if you have New York, Santiago or Osaka on your wish list.

Jetstar intends to resume all of its 13 international routes also by October 31, although flight frequencies will be determined by what is happening in the rest of the world.

No word yet on whether trips to Bali and other hard-hit travel destinations will be readily available.

Still, dust off your Louis Vuittons, pack your bathing suit, make room for market shopping, and get set to see the wonderful wide world again!

Antonino Tati

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