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The Bickley Harvest Festival celebrates its 24th year in May

I used to have cousins living in Pickering Brook, and once a month our family would venture there, 40-or-so minutes out of Perth, to help them out picking and packing apples. I remember the orchads looking fantastical; rows and rows of green, red, yellow and orange trees, well, all ripe for the picking. Sometimes being a city slicker has you forgetting that such picturesque places exist only a short while out of Perth. But once a year, the Bickley Harvest Festival comes ’round to remind us of the rural beauty our regional areas have to offer.

Returning for its 24th year across the weekend of May 6 and 7, this year’s festival once again celebrates the region’s finest wines, cider, spirits, produce, food, scenery and attractions. The Bickley Valley thrives in autumn, with a myriad colours splashed across the vineyards, orchards and glorious gardens. With its rolling hills and lush greenery, the Bickley Valley offers breathtaking scenery that is certain to leave visitors in awe.

The Bickley Harvest Festival will take place at 18 participating venues across Carmel, Bickley and Pickering Brook. Locals and tourists can use the festival map to plan their trail across a diverse range of venues offering a variety of experiences, tours, workshops, tastings, menus and produce, including family-friendly locations.

Explore the local orchards and vineyards to see first-hand how the produce is grown and harvested. Indulge in delicious food from local food restaurants, and tastings from boutique owner-operated wineries, cider houses and distilleries with hand crafted beverages. Or enjoy live music performances and discover local artistic talent. And bring some big tote bags with you so as to take home lots of fresh local produce.

Check out the full program and venue details at bickleyharvestfestival.com.

Antonino Tati

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