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Bundy releases its first small batch in a can: Anyone for Rum with Spiced Blonde Cola?

Everyone has tasted cola, and some of us insist on drinking our preferred brand. But have you ever tasted a ‘spiced blonde’ cola? Why that sounds delicious, you say.

We’re not sure if one exists as a concoction in its own right, but we do know you can enjoy a taste of it when you sip on Bundaberg Rum’s new limited edition Small Batch Silver Reserve & Spiced Blonde Cola. Long in name, but in short, this drink is noms!

The new brew boasts a delicious blend of tropical fruit and sweet spices, with an unexpected crystal clear Spiced Blonde Cola twist, bursting with that familiar Bundy flavour.

Surprisingly, this is Bundy’s first-ever premium small-batch beverage in a ready-to-drink can. It was chosen by fans in a social poll of over 5000 votes, with the Silver Reserve & Spiced Blonde Cola flavour winning by a mile.

Now it’s available in packs of four. Enjoy it poured over ice or straight from the can; and relish in that yummy after-taste of cola, clove, vanilla and oak.

But get in quick because the cans are only available in stores and online for a few short months.

Antonino Tati

Bundaberg Rum’s Small Batch Silver Reserve & Spiced Blonde Cola, RRP $26.00 for a 4-pack.

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