Strike another Pose!

Ryan Murphy must be one busy guy. If he’s not balancing production, direction or promotional duties on American Horror Story or American Crime Story, he’s dealing with the logistics and legal dramas of other shows (Murphy’s Feud: Bette & Joan has been put on hold going to Blu-ray and DVD due to actress Olivia de Havilland contesting her character’s portrayal in the show).

Yet throwing himself into even more work seems to work well for Murphy, who is already in pre-production on Season 2 of Pose, his series that focuses on the LGBTI ball scene circa late 1980s.

‘Pose’ holds the record for featuring the greatest number of LGBTQI characters in television history.

The second season of Pose begins in 1989 and culminates in March of 1990, the month Madonna’s single Vogue was released to the world. ‘Vogueing’, of course, was the dance trend kicked off in the underground clubs where Pose is set. And Madonna, as is par for the course, took the underground trend and turned it into a mainstream phenomenon.

While Ryan Murphy and Madonna have had a healthy relationship since the artist’s musical inclusion in several episodes of Glee, the director says he won’t be rushing to sign the superstar on for a guest role in Pose.

“Stunt casting is not what the show is about,” he recently told Variety, “and I don’t know how she’d feel about playing 1990 Madonna.”

Murphy has revealed that the second season of Pose will feature a heavy focus on the HIV epidemic and AIDs crisis that were at their peaks in 1989/1990.

On a ‘firsts’ note, Pose holds the record for featuring the greatest number of LGBTQI characters in television history.

And that’s something worth singing and dancing about.  

Antonino Tati


Season One of ‘Pose’ airs on Showcase/Foxtel September 11, 2018. View the trailer below.

Season Two is yet to be scheduled for Australian release.


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