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Kanye West’s ‘Birthday Party’ allegedly using dodgy tactics to secure electors’ votes

It appears Kanye West will do anything to pin a political feather into his cap.

West’s current campaign for US Presidency faces a legal challenge which accuses his ‘Birthday Party’ of fraudulently obtaining elector oaths to qualify for the presidential ballot, at least in the state of Virginia.

The party submitted 13 supposed oaths from electors ‘pledging’ their support for West, as well as a petition of at least 5,000 signatures of registered voters, however, soon after the Department of Elections announced Kanye’s party qualified, some of the electors said they were duped into signing.

Two of the electors – Matthan Wilson and Bryce Wright – have gone so far as to file a writ against the Virginia Department of Elections and the State Board of Elections, alleging signatures for West’s campaign were “obtained under false pretenses”, and requested West be removed from the November ballot.

Tactics used by West’s party volunteers included catching people off-guard and telling them they were “only signing a petition in favour of including Kanye on Virginia’s ballot” – that is, not committing to vote for West or any other candidate.

West’s campaign also saw volunteers with clipboards stalking parking lots of Kentucky supermarkets and knocking on suburban household doors.

Kanye West has yet to comment on the controversy.

Antonino Tati

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