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Kanye West pulls out of U.S. presidential election after not even reaching 0.5% of votes in minimal states

Rap artist and political joke Kanye West has conceded in his presidential run this week, tweeting simply ‘Welp Kanye 2024’ shortly after midnight on Tuesday, U.S. time.

Later in the night, West deleted the original tweet which showed the rapper in silhouette artfully postioned in front of an electoral map. West then reposted it without the ‘WELP’. For the record, ‘WELP’ is rap-talk for ‘oh well’, or in other words, ‘I give in’.

Kanye’s stupidly titled ‘Birthday Party’ only made it onto the ballot in a dozen states, missing filing deadlines in many, or failing to accrue enough valid signatures in others.

None of the returns from the states in which he was eligible had him reaching even 0.5% of the vote.

West’s party was slammed for allegedly attempting to fool voters stopped in their tracks at supermarket carparks and via dodgy door-to-door-dealings.

Better luck next time, bozo.

Lisa Andrews


2 Responses to “Kanye West pulls out of U.S. presidential election after not even reaching 0.5% of votes in minimal states”

  1. Rik o shea

    Whats that rattling sound ? its the solitary braincell inhabiting the void inside the skull of WANK YAY NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, AND WEST, out wanks the entire population of the planet



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